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A Call to the Cavalry: is the Horse Still Relevant in Fulfilling Man’s Needs?

During past years of warfare, horses were trained to behave against their natural instincts of fleeing from danger, and to obey the command of man under any circumstances; even when it meant imminent death. In this day and age of cutting edge technological advances, using animal counterparts is hardly seen as necessary. However, the horse continues to be seen as the beast of burden and is still subdued to man's trivial needs. Reflecting on real-life, modern-day situations, this article will ask you to question... is the horse still relevant in fulfilling man's needs?

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How Humans Harm: Violations of (Non-Human) Animal Rights

All creatures from Kingdom Animalia are able of sentience. Being sentient is being able to perceive or feel things. However, the issue that arises is when does one know that another being is sentient? We as humans practice the slaughtering and exploitation of non-human animals every day for our food, fashion, and entertainment needs, just to name a few. However, have we ever kept in mind the non-human animals’ subjective feelings and awareness towards what we do to them on a daily basis?  

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