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The Wither of Social Sciences (?): A Problem of Relevancy in Contemporary Times

The announcement from the Indonesian Government a few months ago regarding the budget cut for LPDP scholarships in the social science field, although shocking to some, was not a surprise. The budget cut shows an inherent problem that has plagued social science since quite some time, mainly regarding the role of social sciences in the “real world”, or in other words, its relevancy. Throughout this article, I intend to show contributing factors to the problem of relevancy, and what could be done regarding it.     

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The New Journalism in Academic Writing

In only a few words, Dauphinee has managed to make us empathize with a man named Stojan Sokolovic whom we know nothing about. This kind of opening statement can be found in novels and other works of fiction . It is called ‘hook’, which is a statement made to stimulate the reader’s curiosity as to what will happen next. However, Dauphinee is not a novelist and her work is not fiction but an actual report from her research.

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