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Ethical Politics from the Perspective of Scholars and Practitioners

The government that holds high ethics and morality in carrying out its authority certainly has high accountability and respect for the demands of aspirations and interests of its people. In such a government, the climate of openness, active participation and community empowerment can be realized, as a manifestation of ideas that are now being developed, namely the application of ethics in public service. Seeing the complexity of problems that occur in the practice of organizing public service, efforts in implementing ethics in public service in Indonesia require understanding, comprehensive socialization, and touching all dimensions of problems faced in bureaucracy.

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Who Are You?: The Issue of Representation of Contemporary Nation-States

One of the most enduring questions for international relations student is regarding the relevancy of a nation-state in this era of globalization. Many argues that this is due to multinational company economic rule over a nation-state especially in developing countries, while others argue that international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund rule over a nation-state by its power to impose rules and sanctions. While this is an endless debate, with every side having their own argument, there is one aspect that is not really talked about: the issue of representation.

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The Shifting Role of Women in Extremist Movements: How Does It Reshape Gender Stereotypes and Its Consequences for Counter-terrorism in Indonesia

Indonesia has had women involved in extremist movements before, such as Munfiatun, the wife of terrorist Noordin Muhammad Top, and Dian Yulia Novita “Novi”, the first Indonesian woman who became an active actor in suicide bombing attempt. However, the attacks in Surabaya and Sidoarjo were the first times women died as suicide bombers in Indonesia.

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