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Finding the Link between Indonesia's Six Indigenous Ethnic Groups

There are six indigenous ethnic groups that have become the origins of other ethnic groups in Indonesia. These six ethnic groups are spread from the west part to the east part of Indonesia, namely the Mentawai, Batak, Dayak, Toraja, East Nusa Tenggara (represented by Flores), and Papua (represented by Dani) ethnic groups. Although appear different at first glance, all these six groups share a common thread.

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We are Indonesia’s Future: Millennials and Our Nation’s Cultural Wealth

Culture and communication; both are entities that are bound and reciprocally related. The existence of this relationship makes it important to understand their pattern of connectedness if we want to examine the characteristics of a group or society. Understanding the cultural roots of a community is the key and “weapon” of any community towards realizing their values, beliefs and identity.

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