The Global Features Online Journal is a scientific bi-annual publication of the Indonesian Institute of Advanced International Studies that contains articles written by researchers with the same vision and mission. It is committed towards presenting itself as an independent entity that provides alternative viewpoints on topics relating to the policy-making process and governance. 

The purpose of establishing this journal is to share knowledge in an effort to improve the livelihood of the Indonesian people through various thoughts and analyses.

Submissions may be sent in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. 



Suzie Sudarman, M.A.


Editorial Board

Ambassador Makarim Wibisono, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Paulus Wirutomo

Dr. Fredy B.L. Tobing

Kenton J. Clymer, Ph.D.

Pierre Lizée, Ph.D.


Managing Editor

Aldrin Sampeliling, S.I.P.


Editorial Team

Amira Waworuntu, M.Si.

Valerian Timothy, MPP.


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