Week #5 (08-14/07/2019)

Ken Wyatt, minister for indigenous Australians and the first Aboriginal person ever to hold the role, during his visit to U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2016. | Credit: U.S. Department of Homeland Security


An explosive attack followed by a gunfight (12/07) in Medina Hotel, Kismayo, Somalia has killed 26 people, including journalists and politicians. South Africa will deploy (12/07) army to quell gang-related violence in parts of its Western Cape Province. The high rates of unemployment and drug abuse are among the reasons that have fueled the gang activities.


U.S. Foreign Minister Michael Pompeo warned (08/07) Iran of the consequences, i.e. more isolations and sanctions, of breaching uranium enrichment cap. Chile’s capital Santiago and Valparaiso region are suffering (09/07) the worst drought in 60 years. Experts predicted the shortage of water will be permanent due to several factors, including climate change and over-exploitation by agriculture. 


A bus overturned and fell (08/07) into a canal in Lucknow-Agra Expressway in Uttar Pradesh, India. At least 29 of the 50 passengers were killed and the rest were injured. Indonesia plans (11/07) to build a 7.04-km-long sea bridge, claimed to be longest in Asia, that links Batam and Bintan Island next year. It aims to cut logistic cost, improve connectivity, and boost local tourism. Meanwhile, in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, a child was used to carry out (12/07) suicidal bombing that targeted a wedding party. At least nine people died and 12 others were injured.


Australia promised (10/07) to hold a referendum on Indigenous Recognition within the next three years. “The Morrison government is committed to recognizing indigenous Australians in the Constitution and working to achieve this through a process of true co-design,” Ken Wyatt, the minister for Indigenous Australians, said in a speech in Sydney. 


Germany declined (08/07) Trump’s call for ground troops in Syria because it’s not in line with their strategy in combating ISIS. A tension escalated between and the United Kingdom (U.K.)  and the United States (U.S.) after the British Ambassador to the U.S. Sir Kim Darroch’s memos were leaked (07/07). The memos containing Darroch’s judgements of the Trump administration (from 2017 to present) called the Trump White House ‘uniquely dysfunctional’ and ‘inept.’ Gibraltar has arrested a total of four Indian nationals (12/07) from a seized Iranian oil tanker. They were suspected of breaching European Union sanctions by shipping oil to Syria.

Editor: Aldrin Sampeliling