The Struggle of Political Campaigns in Social Media: Survey and Interviews [Updated on 3 July 2018]

The Millennial generation has been the spotlight of many discussions in Indonesia nowadays. Not only are they significant in numbers, the fact that they are the first generation to be identified native to digital media—or to be more specific, social media—has become, in a way, a disruptive factor that shapes how things are being done now and in the future, including when conducting political campaigns. The Millennial and social media have been elaborately intertwined that it becomes so difficult to separate them from one another. For these reasons, political campaigns are starting to pervade social media in courting this segment of society.  

Political campaigns in social media are getting more intense as time goes by, so intense that now it becomes not so uncommon to find hoaxes and black campaigns that potentially incite conflicts among the diverse communities in Indonesia. In light of this and considering that 2018 is considered a political year in Indonesia—when many elections will be held—Alviani Sabillah tried to find out whether the Millennial generation do actually feel content with the existence of political campaigns in social media. She did this by surveying 253 Indonesian Millennials aged 19-22 from 24-25 January 2018, and also conducted in-depth interviews. In addition, she also sought to delve deeper in knowing whether the campaigns affected the Millennials’ curiosity in political development in Indonesia; their participation in election; and their views on certain political candidates.

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