The Indonesian Institute of Advanced International Studies (INADIS) is a public policy research organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia, consisting of professionals and researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds. The institute was developed with the aspiration to educate and assist Indonesian people to become aware of contemporary issues that are affecting their lives, as well as the detail and implementation of public policies. Independent of all political parties and special interest groups, we provide unbiased and balanced research works and analysis on the mechanism and implementation of public policy from upstream to downstream. We aim to be thoroughly engaged with individual experts, civil society, private sectors, and the government to be able to provide them with alternative approaches and perspectives on contemporary issues or public policies.


  • To create an Indonesian society who are more aware of contemporary issues that are affecting their lives, as well as the detail and implementation of public policies from upstream to downstream.

  • To be the leading public policy research institute with multidisciplinary approaches in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


  • To educate Indonesian people to be better informed, independent, and socially conscious by providing them with extensive analysis of contemporary issues and public policies through various publication and interactive programs.

  • To inform and provide the Indonesian government with the latest analysis on foreign and domestic policies as well as alternative developmental dynamics.


The institute adheres to a set of core values and principles that drives the actions of our staff and the choices of our organization in achieving our mission.


We are a team consisted of people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who share the same goal. We use our different backgrounds to provide new approaches and perspectives that will simultaneously complement each other’s particular knowledge.


We pride ourselves in providing an objective view in our research and analysis. We report findings and recommendations that are based on an unbiased empirical inquiry.


We collaborate with individual experts, government, and private sectors in our analysis and research works.


We develop a strategic approach to bring our research and analysis of public policy closer to the society. The approach covered an extensive process starting from deciding the research topic and/or public policy to be researched and/or analyzed to mainstreaming the findings:

  • Deciding the research topic and/or public policy to be researched and/or analyzed.

  • In the case of research, our methods of research will depend on the issues.

  • In the case of analysis of public policy, our analysis will cover the process of:

    • detailing the policy in every stage from the upstream to downstream, encompassing a) policy guidelines, regulations, and directives; b) safeguard policies; c) market intervention; d) civil society activities; and e) technical implementations.

    • comparing policies being discussed with similar policies implemented in other country(es).

    • deepening the analysis with additional perspectives from INADIS researches based on their respective expertise (e.g. gender, spatial, environmental perspective, etc.).

    • mapping the findings in ways that it is understandable to the general public.

  • Mainstreaming the findings through our research publication, the INADIS Briefs, and the quarterly program of DISTRAKSI.


The INADIS Brief

The INADIS Brief is a bulletin that provides analysis of mechanisms and implementation of specific current policies—both domestic and foreign—and their significance for the Indonesian people and nation. It is aimed at keeping the Indonesian people aware of the policy impacts that affect their lives and providing the Indonesian government and policymakers with alternative approaches and perspectives. This bulletin will be periodically published and free to be accessed by members of the public and government.


Our blog provides timely ideas, thoughtful reflections, and in-depth research on themes related to environmentalism, government, ICT, international relations, science, and urbanism.


DISTRAKSI, stands for Diskusi (Discussion), Interaksi (Interaction), and Kreasi (Creation), is a system of activities held in a series that covers various topics of research and analysis of public policy. DISTRAKSI is a quarterly program that aims to bring our findings of research and analysis of public policy closer to the society through thoughtful discussion, meaningful interaction, and creative process.


In line with our collaboration value, INADIS teams up with national and international parties to organize seminars related to contemporary issues or public policy research and analysis.

The INADIS Global Summary

The INADIS Global Summary is a weekly summary of world news. It covers news across Africa, America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. It is aimed at increasing the awareness of Indonesians on the current political, economic, and social situations across the globe that may have impacts on Indonesia.

Social Media Content

We regularly update our social media (Facebook and Instagram) with the aims to mainstream our research and analysis as well as to start conversations with the public regarding domestic and global issues.