Week #1 (10-16/06/2019)

Hong Kong’s streets were seething with protestors. | Credit: Wpcpey


Two Canadian women who were abducted by gunmen outside a popular nightspot in Ghana were successfully rescued according to an official statement on Wednesday (12/06). Ghana, a relatively peaceful country, has been beset by a series of kidnapping cases in recent months. In Uganda, a 5-year old boy was recently reported died from Ebola (10/06). As per June 2019, the country has documented three Ebola cases.


The United States (U.S.) and dozens of allies (11/06) accused North Korea of violating sanctions by importing more oil than is permitted by the United Nations. The violation was said to be done through illicit ship-to-ship transfers at sea. Moving up to the North Pole, a recent study found that permafrost is rapidly melting, exacerbating the impacts of the climate change, as well as damaging both the landscape and scientific equipment installed in the region.


On Monday (10/06) the perpetrators of the kidnapping, raping, and murdering of an 8-year old Muslim girl in the Jammu and Kashmir state, India were sentenced to life in prison. The convicts, all of whom are Hindus, locked the victim inside a Hindu temple for five days where she was drugged and repeatedly raped before being strangled and beaten to death with a rock. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong (12/06), the mass demonstration staged against the extradition bill, which is feared to make possible the extradition of Hongkongers to mainland China for political or inadvertent business offenses, ended up with clashes between protesters and police. The conflict caused at least 81 people injured with two people in serious condition.


An ex-journalist, James Michael Waugh, pleads not guilty (12/06) to the allegation of him threatening to behead churchgoers in Canberra, Australia. His alleged message was posted on the Facebook account ‘Canberra House Prayer (For All Nations),’ which read “I'm going to kill every single one of you dog polytheist c***s." Waugh was also alleged of sending a message through a group’s Facebook Messenger, saying “I have issued threats, along with my name and address, to every coward dog church in Canberra.”


Four bodies were recovered from a sightseeing vessel (The Mermaid) after it was lifted out of the Danube River, Budapest, Hungary on Tuesday (11/06). The vessel collided with a larger vessel two weeks ago, capsized, and sunk just within a few seconds. Whilst in Germany (13/06), the country’s foreign minister Heiko Josef Maas expressed his concern over the oil tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman as it could intensify tensions in the region.

Editor: Aldrin Sampeliling