The concept DISTRAKSI (Diskusi-Interaksi-Kreasi) was first propounded during INADIS’ collaboration with Mitu M. Prie (archeologist and cultural communication consultant), who intended to convey the belief that Indonesia’s young generation must comprehend their cultural roots to be able to survive the challenges that lie in a multicultural and competitive society. The issue in question was on how to attract the so-called digital generation to eventually come and learn about the topic that had for long remained esoteric to the general public. Both sides agreed that an interactive program must be tailored to meet that particular challenge, thereafter formulating the concept of DISTRAKSI. The program panned out well and received positive feedback, boosting efforts of continuing and developing the program towards a series. DISTRAKSI has now become a system of activities held in series that covers various topics of research or analysis of public policy, spanning from cultural history, pop culture, ICT, and many others, targeting not only the youth but also the society at large.


DISTRAKSI stands for Diskusi (Discussion), Interaksi (Interaction), and Kreasi (Creation). The program begins with speaker(s) explaining about decided topic(s), often which is the result of rigorous academic research or analysis of public policy, while simultaneously building the ambience that would encourage participants to actively participate in asking and/or presenting their ideas. It is hoped that a series of thoughtful discussions occur during the exchanges.

To help participants further comprehend the topic(s), the INADIS team previously designed one or more relevant, hands-on activities, which usually come in the form of art and/or craft activities. The participants are required to select one of the activity options (if there is more than one option) before attending the program.

In the following session after discussion, participants will be divided into smaller groups based on their choosing of activity. The speaker(s) and INADIS team, in addition to maintaining a convivial atmosphere to spur meaningful interactions among the participants, will take the role in facilitating each group during the creative process. It is part of the DISTRAKSI program that requires each participant/groups of participants to create an output(s) from the activity that can be shared publicly. The published output can be in the form of art, such as something written, graphic design, short drama, collage, photograph, and so on, and is aimed at generating a trickle-down effect to the broader audience on the significance of the research or analysis of public policy discussed.


  • To bring esoteric academic research or analysis of public policy to the general public through thoughtful discussion.

  • To promote the creation of a community of interest through meaningful interaction.

  • To help the general public make use of knowledge gained through the process of creation.