Meutik Sahang: Sijuk Pepper-Picking Tour

This is a poster designed by Jelita Permata, a participant of DISTRAKSI I program. Jelita participated in DISTRAKSI 1’s ‘Graphic Design’ workshop, which was facilitated by INADIS’ graphic designer, Krizia Angelina. The design was inspired by her program visit to Sijuk village in Belitung Regency, where she witnessed how the local community was very enthusiastic on the kickstart of a community service program developed by Universitas Indonesia’s Archeology department—the program which she participated in. The program, also supported by the Urang Sijuk Community and Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism, is aimed at transforming Sijuk into a tourism village. This is in line with the Indonesian government’s plan in prioritizing 10 new tourism destinations in the country, one of which is the Belitung Regency.

Graphic Designer: Jelita Permata | Facilitator: Krizia Angelina | Program: DISTRAKSI I