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The Struggle of Political Campaigns in Social Media: Survey and Interviews [Updated on 3 July 2018]

Political campaigns in social media are getting more intense as time goes by, so intense that now it becomes not so uncommon to find hoaxes and black campaigns that potentially incite conflicts among the diverse communities in Indonesia. In light of this and considering that 2018 is considered a political year in Indonesia—when many elections will be held—Alviani Sabillah tried to find out whether the Millennial generation do actually feel content with the existence of political campaigns in social media.

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Perceptions towards Indonesia: In-Depth Interviews and Media Tracking

Indonesia currently stands at a crossroads in its history. The Millennial generation, a generation that will become the bulk of the population, is predicted to largely shape the direction of the nation’s economy, and by extension its future. Considering their importance, understanding the Millennial generation, what their interests and aspirations, is crucial to taking the steps necessary to make sure that they use their resources to further the betterment of Indonesia, and to prevent a “brain drain,” that is, the migration of intelligent and trained people from a given country due to more favourable conditions abroad compared to unfavourable conditions in their home country.

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